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We are offering our resources free of charge for all who are wanting to learn the Arabic Language during these difficult times

We hope you are all well, keeping safe, and looking after yourselves.

Due to the closure of all schools by the government, we at Manchester Arabic School - Chorlton have had to adapt to ensure our students continue to learn Arabic in the absence of the conventional classroom setting. Having considered all the options, we believe the best way to accommodate is to regularly release carefully selected educational material and worksheets to accompany them. 

Every Saturday morning, we upload work for all classes ranging from Nursery to GCSE Level. We also upload materials for Non-Speakers in Arabic, where Arabic is not the native language. They are uploaded to our Facebook page, and clicking the Facebook icon will take you directly to our page. Whether your child is a pupil at our school or not, please feel free to use our resources and share with people who may find the material helpful!

If you have any queries or questions regarding the educational resources, the next academic year 2020-2021, or anything else, please contact the school using this website, our Facebook, or our school mobile number below.

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